UK Business Visit Visa

Are you planning to come to the UK for business ?

You will need to have a Business Visit Visa. People require a business visit visa for many different reasons, such as, if you are attending a business meeting in the UK, delivering goods, film crew, academic visitor. In order to qualify for a Business Visitor visa your salary must come from overseas and not from the UK business that you will be visiting.

The following kinds of person will fall within the business visitor category:

1) Academic visitors.

2) Doctors taking the PLAB assessment.

3) Film crews on location.

4) Representatives of overseas news media provided they are employed or paid by an overseas company.

5) Religious workers intending to undertake some pastoral or preaching work.

We are specialists in helping our client's obtain UK Business Visit Visa's. We will conduct your case swiftly and accurately from start to finish and get you the visa you desire.

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