Opening Times

Hours of business : 10am -4pm (Mon-Fri)

Your caseworker

The Caseworker responsible for your work will be listed on the Client Care Letter we will send to you, together with names of any other members of our team who may assist you. Should your caseworker be changed for some reason, we shall notify you of this in writing.

Legal Fee’s

We request that legal fee’s are received prior to the commencement of work on your matter. We reserve the right to place your matter on hold pending receipt of legal fee’s.

UK.V.P.I operates on a fixed fee basis. UK.V.P.I reserves the right to charge for work completed on your matter should you decide to terminate your instructions at any point.


You will be liable for additional costs, such as, interpreter’s fee’s, translation fee’s, medical experts fee’s.

Your Instructions

It is your responsibility to provide us with clear and accurate instructions, together with the supporting documents so that we may prepare your application fully.

Data Protection

The information you provide to us shall be used for the adequate provision of legal services to yourself. The usage of this information is subject to your prior approval. We shall comply fully with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and our duty of confidentiality. Should an instance arise where we feel it is in the interest of your case, to instruct an expert, we shall seek your consent before releasing any of your confidential information. Additionally, all data that you submit to us via this website will be held in compliance with provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

You have a statutory right to have access to any personal data that we hold about you. You may contact us at to request the date we hold about you. We charge a small fee to cover admin costs in order to retrieve the said data.

Regulatory Audits and Confidentiality

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) may conduct audit or quality checks on UK.V.P.I

During the course of an audit or quality check the OISC shall maintain the duty of confidentiality.

Our complaints policy

We believe that it is crucial to listen to clients as this helps us better our services to you. Should you wish to express dissatisfaction with the service we have provided, we shall do our utmost to investigate and reach an amicable solution.

Complaints procedure

Should there be any aspect of our service with which you are unhappy including our bill, please raise your concern in the first place with the caseworker responsible for your matter. If you wish, you can contact the person responsible for dealing with your complaint, the Director Mrs Rahman , who will address and resolve your complaint in writing to you.

What will happen next?

  1. You shall be sent a letter or email to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 days of us receiving it.
  2. Mrs Rahman will write to you or contact you via telephone or arrange a meeting in order to resolve the matter. This shall be done within 10 days of sending the acknowledgement to you.
  3. Mrs Rahman shall then contact you within 3 days of the meeting, write to you and confirm what has taken place and confirm the solution which was agreed.
  4. Should you decide that a meeting will not resolve the matter then Mrs Rahman shall write to you within 21 days of sending you the acknowledgement with her proposals to resolve the complaint.
  5. If you feel that your compliant cannot be resolved by UK.V.P.I then you may contact the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner at , where you will find the OISC complaints form.
  6. You may also contact the OISC directly to make a compliant, without having made a complaint to UK.V.P.I. The address is Complaints Team, 5th Floor, Counting House, 53 Tooley Street, London, SE1-2QN. The telephone contact for the Complaints Team is 08450000046

Termination of Instructions

Should you decide to terminate the contact prior to giving us formal instructions, we shall charge you a fee of £150 to cover our administration costs. This shall include the time which was spent in giving you advice and the time spent to open your file and then processing a refund. You must also note that should you decide to terminate the said contract at any other time, then we shall only charge you for work which has been conducted on your file.

There may be instances where we feel that we must terminate instructions, that is if we are of the view that progressing the case will no doubt lead to the commission of a criminal offence , ie, making false representations. In such cases, the client will be given notice of termination in writing within 3 days of the said termination.

Storage of papers and additional charges

UK.V.P.I shall keep any file in storage for a period of six years. After the period of six years UK.V.P.I reserves the right to destroy any given file.

Your file may also be stored in electronic form , that is if we are of the view that it will be suitable to do so. Your consent shall be required for this process of electronic storage. Any original documents which you have provided to us shall be returned to you upon completion of your matter.

Should you wish to have your file retrieved from our storage then you will be liable to pay a charge of £30, which covers the administration time spent to physically retrieve the file for you. There may also be a charge if we feel that significant charges shall be incurred, ie, courier service charges, mass bulk photocopying.

For details please contact our customer services department via email on: