The Tier 4 visa category has been designed for foreign nationals who wish to come to the UK to study. The course which you wish to study must be at an acceptable level and must be provided by an education provider which is a licensed Tier 4 (General) sponsor.

Acceptable Course of Study:

You must demonstrate that you are applying to:

  1. Study a full-time course in the UK which satisfies the various requirements listed below.
  2. Complete a recognised Foundation Programme as a postgraduate doctor or a dentist.

If you will be studying a non-foundation programme, then this must:

  1. Lead to a qualification which is level 6 or above on the (NQF) National Qualification Framework, or that;
  2. Be for a short-term study abroad programme which will form part of your course at an institution which is overseas;
  3. Allow 15 hours per week of daytime study

Courses which are below NQF level 6 and not English courses or study abroad programmes , they must:

  1. Have been approved at or above level 3 on the NQF, or accredited at level 6 or above in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework;
  2. Fall within the category of a pre-sessional course which will prepare you for your main course.

Requirement to show academic progression:

Please note that if you have previously studied in the UK under the Tier 4 (General) or even the student visa rules that were in place before 31 March 2009, then your Tier 4 Sponsor will not be able to assign you a CAS after 4th July 2011 unless you can show that;

  1. You shall be studying a course which shows academic progression from your previous studies; or that
  2. You merely require a Tier 4 in order to re-sit exams or to repeat modules, or
  3. You are seeking to submit an application to move to a new institution in order complete a course that you commenced at a different institution.

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